The story behind altEducate

What's the problem?

Education is (mostly) broken.

School today requires that you mostly memorize facts that you’ll never utilize and will mostly forget.

I can’t remember 90% of what I learned in school. Can you? I can promise you that the quadratic equation has never bailed me out of any tough situation. Nor have I had to recall who won the war of 1812.

Albert Einstein said, “Never memorize something that you can look up” and that’s my philosophy too. Dude didn’t even have a supercomputer in his pocket.

Clearly, I want my doctor to memorize how to diagnose an illness instead of Googling it. I want to watch movies where the actors memorize their lines instead of watching a bunch of people just reading on screen.

My point is that you have to memorize some things. That’s part of being a functioning human being. What I’m advocating is that people memorize the things that apply to their interests, profession or hobby through experience – by doing. There is no skills gap, there is an experience gap.

Some schools do a decent job of teaching critical thinking but yet so many schools don’t teach our children about creating a budget, how to prioritize your time, working through your fears, managing negative thoughts, tools for improving your mental health and much more because that’s really hard to put a letter grade to those things and therefore we can’t rank students.

The problem is that school, as you and I experienced it, does a lousy job of preparing kids for the real world. It’s not the teachers’ fault but rather the system of education itself.

I’m not smart enough to solve the “school” problem, but I can attempt to make a dent in my children’s education.

I want to supplement their education by creating lessons and experiences for them that teach them principles they won’t learn in school.

Why does altEducate exist?

Once I had kids, I started contemplating my own mortality. Admittedly that sounds morbid and self-centered, but I began to think about how I could be around for them as long as possible.

At any point, I could be hit by that proverbial bus.

That’s why I’m recording these lessons for my children.

I’m going to try to reduce their learning curve by curating experiences and experiments or provide them with lessons that lead them to ask more questions and generate their own understanding of how the world work and more importantly, an understanding of themselves.

Who is altEducate for?


This site is for Eliana and Mylo. My 2 kids. That’s it. An audience of 2.

If nobody else watches my videos or reads my content except those 2, I will consider this experiment a success.

Secondarily, this site is for parents who want to be involved in their children’s education and want to come on this journey together.

None of the themes found within this site should be taken as gospel. Everything is up for debate.

Education should always be a dialogue, not a monologue.

What's the plan for altEducate?

I plan to read, listen, and synthesize information that I come across in books, articles, podcasts, and many other outlets and present that to my kids or to anyone who is interested.

I plan to research topics that I find are not taught in schools or ideas that have I’ve come across that have helped me and that could be beneficial for my kids to hear.

I may contradict myself, but that’s because in light of new information my opinion may change.

Why am I sharing this with everyone you may ask? Because ideas need to breathe and if someone needs to call me out, I’ll be the first one to admit I’m wrong (if indeed I am wrong).

If you are a parent, have a parent or know a parent that implemented a great system to help their kids, I would love an introduction to explore their methodology. Just leave me a comment on the site.

I don’t have all the answers (nobody does), but this may be a way to aggregate ideas that I want to impart on my kids.

Who is Felipe Fernandes?



I’m a father of two marvelous kids (at least they are marvelous thus far).

I’m a husband that is continuously working on building a deeper connection with my wife.

I’m a dad that wants to give my children every advantage to succeed. Not just financially but emotionally too.

I’m gonna try to make a dent in my kid’s education. Are you? Go make a dent!